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This Image Plagiarism Checker is the perfect choice for website owners, photographers and even lawyers. 

What can Plaghunter do for you?

Relax and let us monitor all your beautiful pictures!

  • We hunt for you!

    No need to do a Reverse Image Search via Google manually. We’re hunting 24/7 and gathering all web sites that use your images.

  • Import Flickr & XML

    Do you upload your images to flickr or have a so called “Image Sitemap” for Google? Good! We will import your pictures continuously from one of these sources.

  • Good for your SEO

    What would you do if someone uses your picture or infographic on his site? Instead of complaining ask for a link. This is charming and effective, too!

  • Increase your Productivity

    Plaghunter helps you to focus on your main business like shooting beautiful images all over the world. Let others do the boring stuff like bookkeeping or hunting for legal issues.

  • Make some extra Money

    Are you a stock photographer or dou you have another license based business model? Every image that is not yet licensed properly reduces your income. Claim the extra bucks!

  • It's Report Time

    Just 10 minutes after registration you will notice the first fresh results. Additionally, there is an email report every morning.

  • Software as a Service

    Plaghunter runs as an Online Tool with worldwide access. You do not need to install any software.

  • Fight against Identity Thievery

    Just imagine there is someone who clones your public Facebook profile. Sounds scary, but it is fairly common. Plaghunter can assist you in finding such Social Media activities.

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features…

Tiny Dashboard

Start from scratch in minutes. Just add some image URLs in your dashboard and you will be all set to see the first results. Click on a specific image to open it in the report view.

Your Report

You will find a list of all websites that use your images. Latest results are on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs this very technical?

    You’re right. Image Reverse Searches are not trivial and we’re all wondering how Google has such high quality in their Image Searches.

    Here is the good news. You just need to know what a URL is and you’re well prepared to use Plaghunter – from registration to your first results in 10 minutes. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

  • q-iconI have another question

    Hey, just use that small “Feedback” badge on the right side of your monitor and feel free to ask for more information. What can Plaghunter do for you?

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re sure that Plaghunter will add value to your business and we are really looking forward to making Plaghunter even better based on your feedback.

Anyway… if you feel uncomfortable while using Plaghunter, just contact us within 30 days after your registration and we will give you a full refund. (Terms)


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